Not only finding solutions but also preventing

Bellante & La Lumia was founded in the year 2000 from the expertise of its two founders. We listen in order to understand, only in this way can we suggest the solutions we consider most appropriate to achieve our goal, i.e. taking care of our client. 

In order to prevent conflicts as far as possible, we provide preventive legal advice in the areas of our competence. Litigation is in our view an option of last resort. We believe in mediation as a quick and effective tool to achieve our goals. 

We think that in law, compartmentalization is rare. Sometimes a team of several experts is needed to solve complex problems: we do our part and, when necessary, we involve trusted professionals and external consultants who are experts in areas outside our core competence.

Bellante & La Lumia is partner and founder of LegalAssociati, a network created in 2001 and operating in the main Italian cities. The law firms that are members of the network share our approach and values.

What we do


1Customs Law

This is an area of particular expertise for our firm. Customs Law is a vast and complex discipline, which any economic operator seriously wishing to be on the international scene is called to tackle. The consequences of poor customs planning can lead to significant criticalities.  Export control, rules of origin, determination of customs value, correct labelling and product safety are our strengths.  Our firm has a solid experience in the management of complex customs litigation matters, both administrative and judicial. The main editorial collaborations carried out in this field by Piero Bellante are specified on the Publications page.

2Family Law

This is a particular area of expertise for our firm, which provides legal and out-of-court advice and assistance in separation and divorce proceedings. Experience shows that, in this area, satisfactory solutions can also be achieved through family mediation. Mediation is a useful tool to both improve the management of the relationship before the conflict becomes irreconcilable and deal with the proceedings before the judge in the best possible way. By resorting to family mediation, the couple has the opportunity to negotiate and share decisions, from the point of view of both the relationship between partners and the management of economic aspects. Mutual agreements will also be more advantageous for the children.

3Civil and Commercial Law

The areas of Civil and Commercial Law in which our firm can be of help, also at an international level, are as follows: real estate and inheritance law; real property and tenancy; civil law in general; contract law, international business and trade law, as well as dispute resolution services in these areas.

4Legal Audit

This area is aimed at companies. Investing in preventive advice will enable you to manage your business risk better, thereby preventing costly administrative sanctions and litigation. The cost of legal advice is an investment of a known amount. We verify the legal compliance of diverse provisions, including clauses, regulations, contracts, and other obligations that must be fulfilled as a legal entity. We analyse risks and suggest solutions.

Piero Bellante

Lawyer, admitted to represent clients before the Italian Supreme Court

Maria Rita La Lumia

Lawyer, admitted to represent clients before the Italian Supreme Court